Magazine Launch
Torrent n°3 –
Source Material by Artists

Launch event: Dec. 11, 2015
From 6 pm onwards

Peter & the Danish Defence
Opening: Dec. 11, 2015
From 6 pm onwards
Dec. 11, 2015 – Jan. 9, 2016

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Video documentation, I Cramp Alone

6:30 pm: Round table on artist-oriented
publishing and artist journals.
8:30 pm: Premiere of Peter Voss-Knude’s
music video Double Chest.

The exhibition of Danish artist of Peter Voss-Knude brings together various years of research carried out by the artist on the authoritative bodies of the Metropolitan Police in London and the Danish Defence. Coinciding with the exhibition is the release of Torrent n°3 – Source Material by Artists. Edited by Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjaković the magazine features contributions by Berni Doessegger, Sam Durant, Mariah Lookman, Adam Vačkář and Peter Voss-Knude. As an extension to his contribution in Torrent magazine, the exhibition open-endedly traverses a wide range of materials: sketchbooks, drawings, film production shots, soldier paraphernalia, publications, autopsy reports, videos, and books. Based on the confidential accounts from young professional soldiers Voss-Knude has been composing a music record in an official collaboration with the Danish Armed Forces. The songs explore whether the lived experience of a soldier is possible for a civilian to understand.

Voss-Knude’s contribution in Torrent and his exhibition at Counter Space unveil access to the artist’s thought processes. Torrent magazine at large examines how previously unpublished documents come to represent the circumferential sphere around conceiving and realizing works. These source materials hint at procedures, subtexts, informational noise, or potential extra-narratives of artistic practice.

Round table
Roland Früh, Kunstbibliothek / Art Library Sitterwerk, St. Gallen and visiting professor for design theory and research at ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne.

Barbara Preisig, art historian, research associate at the Institute for Contemporary Art Research at the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Author of Mobile, autonomous, connected. Critique and Economic Innovation in Ephemera from Conceptual Art, 1966–1975 (dissertation 2015).

Peter Voss-Knude, artist and contributing with “Me and the Danish Defense” in Torrent n° 3. Graduated in Fine Art and Art History from Goldsmiths University in 2012. He recently appeared on the BBC Culture Show and the Danish radio. Two singles by Peter & the Danish Defence are available for free download here. The full album is released March 2016.

Issue no. III (Winter 2015) features:
1) Swiss writer Berni Doessegger on the museum, cultural forms of death and on de-revolutionizing art

2) American artist Sam Durant on alternative futures and the Asian-African Conference of 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia

3) Pakistani artist and researcher Mariah Lookman on the image of the body, geometrical theory, Arab arithmetic, observations of poets and the difficulty of translation

4) Czech artist Adam Vačkář on the deep sound of history, synesthesia and family lineages in Eastern Europe

5) Danish artist Peter Voss-Knude on power structures and male relations in the military

Torrent n°3 – Source Material by Artists
Published by The Office, Paris / Concept by Daniel Kurjaković / Edited by Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjaković / Graphic design by Philipp Herrmann

English / December 2015 / ISBN: 978-3-033-05355-7 / Softcover, 250mm x 180mm / 100 pages / €18.00 / £ 12.50 / US 19.95 / CHF 20. Torrent is distributed by Idea Books, Amsterdam. Issue no. III will be available to purchase in Spring 2016 at
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Torrent Magazine – Cover
Torrent Magazine, Mariah Lookman & Berni Doessegger
Resting Belgian soldiers, 1914. ©
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo. As part of Peter...
Documentary film: Which Way is The Frontline From Here?
American documentary film shown on the Danish television station...
“Display” of the enemy in the mountains, Norway, 2014, © HOK

As part of Peter Voss-Knude’s source materials.
Screenshots: "Double Chest"
Screenshots of Peter Voss-Knude's music video "Double Chest."...
Medical examinations
Medical examinations performed on soldiers during enrollment...