JAN 31 –
FEB 4, 2018

Maxime Bondu with Julien Griffit
Bets are open! After 2 years and a half of training, the two artificial intelligences, Boris and Bobby, come to fight in fairs. With no databases but learning algorithms and the rules of chess they develop their ability to fight on a chessboard. During the duration of the fair, the duo invites visitors to make bets on the outcome of the game. Cash or paypal transfert at accepted, ask for the bookmaker to get your betting odds and your receipt.

Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros
“Each day, at the precise moment when the sun starts to fall on Beirut, the song Goodbye Marylou will be played.” This Performance Script will synchronise the art fair with the movement of the sun, a faraway sun, the sun of Beirut.

Stephanié Saadé
The artist looks for people of her exact age, born on January 11, 1983. For the duration of the Art Fair Saadé invites people who, like her, have all just reached the age of thirty-four. The artist circulates the following announcement in the press: “Stéphanie Saadé is looking for people born on the 11th January 1983 for her upcoming presentation at Artgèneve. If you were born on the above date, please contact Counter Space”. For this ephemeral work, «People Your Age», reconfigurable by a protocol, the artist takes an even bigger risk than in her previous propositions. No one knows if these people will come, nor if they will be able to connect with one another, exchange, and improvise new situations.

Vittorio Santoro
During 20-30min, every day, the artist "connects" in multiple sessions, with a white tape, mainly on the floor, different spots in the booth room. Some connections will be made between two works, some between an empty spot and a work, some between a viewer present at the performance and a work. After every session the applied tape will be gently removed, to then start the session again. The applying and the removing of the tape might give the activity the allure of a Sisyphean task.