«Jean, Jean,» live art performance by Sarah Anthony and Anne Rochat, Kunsthaus Glarus (2012)


June 10, 2017

Artists Anne Rochat and Sarah Anthony have worked together on various projects since 2011. «Obsidienne» is a new performance drawing upon their travel experiences for a couple of months, having both recently returned from a residencies, the one from Mexico and the other from China (Sarah Anthony is invited by Anne Rochat). An encounter between the obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass from Mexico and the extreme landscapes of Qinghai Province, the performance is a delicate balance between text, body and substance.
ENGL.:Anne Rochat immersively subjects her body to the matter of ice. Sarah Anthony describes the action and insinuates by means of eruptive texts, to that which is not seen. In an adjacent room research materials and a collection of videos related to the travel experiences in China will be exhibited. «Obsidienne» is an ongoing project associated with a residency program of Pro Helvetia.