A Thin Wall
Stich & Oswald

↗ Statement by Stich&Oswald (German)

Gypsum plasterboard RB Vario 60 x 125 x 12,5 cm; one-layer gypsum plasterboard UW 30

Last month Counter Space collaborated with Zurich-based architects Stich & Oswald on the construction of a wall. Of primary concern was the idea to make a partition, separating the working area from the exhibition space, but also to maintain an accord with the existing spatial surroundings. Coinciding with the rawness of the space, with functional structural elements of the building having been made visible, the wall was modeled with unprocessed gypsum plasterboard, making evident the substructure.

The upcoming Practical Fridays session, “How To Render A Surface Smooth”, will be held on February 27, 2015, and will track the next process of its construction. This workshop with Hannes Oswald will start at 8pm and will take place at Counter Space.

Construction, 2015
Construction, 2015
Sketch, Stich & Oswlad, 2015