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Words in my head
are like voices underwater

Ursula Sulser

November 15 – December 21, 2013

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The exhibition with the title «Words in my head are like voices underwater» is from the Swiss artist Ursula Sulser (*1964).

Sulser’s work in Counter Space presents in a double project «Changing room» of 360degrees rotation, an extract of Alice Boner’s dressing room in Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Audible in the background are sounds of sitar from the daily practice of the musician Mahadev Cometo (The Young Gods). Another projection records the wall clock of the exhibition space, which is an integral part of the architectural concept of the architect Haefeli Moser Steiger (HMS). During the opening of the exhibition, the wall clock depicts on the reserve side the time anticlockwise.

The artist describes her method: «There is no need to create an artwork for the space, but to show a flexible transition from research to work. The work does not necessarily have to be anticipated and could be suspended for as long as possible.»

The resilience to go into the unknown, to approach it, to possess it is the characteristics of Ursula Sulser’s work.

Picture by Christoph Dill, Tashi Brauen and Ursula Sulser

Making of materials, «Changing room», 2013
Exhibition view: «Changing room», Ursula Sulser, 2013
Exhibition view: «Changing room», Ursula Sulser, 2013
Exhibition view: «Changing room», Ursula Sulser, 2013
Exhibition view: «6 to 8.30, 8.30 to 6», Ursula Sulser, 2013
Vernissage, 2013
Vernissage, 2013
Video still, «Changing room», 2013
Making of materials, Alice Boner