↗ Dossier Sebastian Utzni, Comics 1973-2001
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MARCH 8 – 11, 2018

Sebastian Utzni, The Tina Crystal
A multifaceted crystal made from mirrors holds an iphone displaying always the latest tweets containing the sentence „There is no alternative“. This is a collective performance of the whole world. 330 million twitter users are sending short messages around the globe and every few minutes someone comes up with „There is no alternative“, a sentence famously used by Margaret Thatcher. We live in a „no alternative world“. Our politics are full of easy answers to tricky questions instead of endlessly multifaceted possibilities.

Vittorio Santoro, Mapping/Erasing (Text on blackboard)
A man and a woman are sitting each on a chair positioned left of a blackboard. The artist, seated on the right of the board, rises to write a word (or a couple of words) on the blackboard, then sits down again (during this and successive of the artist’s writing an audio footage of a jazz piano composition –one of the last by Th. Monk) is heard). The woman rises and erases the words. Then sits down again. The artist rises and continue to write some other words. Then he sits down again. The man rises and erases the words just written by the artist. The procedure starts again (woman, man) and ends soon after the artist has ended to write his last words. The three, eventually, sit down facing quietly the public for a 30 seconds. This piece, according to the artist, questions the impact of the artist's voice (work) in his environment.