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March 23 –
May 4, 2013

Alain Kantarjian will create an installation in Zurich. It will function as an intermediary phase of a film project. The film deals with a peculiar community of local and foreign inhabitants of the port area in the outskirts of Beirut that is both heterogeneous and temporary. «The work of the photographer and documentary filmmaker Alain Kantarjian deals with a half-hidden community from the port Daoura living on the brink of Beirut. Since 2006 the artist has been focusing on a local community that is hard to describe demographically, as the mix of migrant workers, refugees, fishermen, and sexually ambivalent youth are neither a coherent group nor a mix of unrelated individuals. Their common denominator is in any case more than the geography of the port area named Daoura, but rather their shared status of subaltern subjects on the periphery of Lebanese bureaucracy and societal law.» (Text by Daniel Kurjakovic)