Counter Space is an independent exhibition and project space in Zürich, which aims to present the use of temporary and process-like methods in artistic work. With fervor, we seek to show chosen glimpses and fragments of work, through a cross-generational approach.

Counter Space strives to ask a range of questions: How do we imagine an art space that is close to artistic practice? How can we reduce the pressure to produce that characterizes the entertainment society? Hence: how to create new cultural and artistic connections and fields for experimentation? Our objective is to find criteria for the definition of an art space that is close to practice and to put them in to a current discourse. Counter Space provides artists with an experimental platform for tentative forms, sketchy actions and ambiguous statements.

Angelo Romano and Tashi Brauen founded the exhibition space Counter Space in 2013.

The team comprises of:
Angelo Romano, Co-Founder/Curator

Former Members:
Linda Jensen, Curator
(Nov. 2014 – Nov. 2016)
Vicenta Rodrigo-Jimenez, Administration
(March 2013 – Nov. 2016)
Yasmin Kiss, Project-Associate
(March 2013 – March 2016)
Fiorenza Bossard, Intern (2016)
Efa Mühlethaler, Co-Organiser
(June 2017 – Okt. 2017)
Mirjam Bayerdörfer, Project-Associate
(June 2017 – Okt. 2019)
Sandra Jeker, Project-Associate
(Sep. 2019 – Okt. 2019)
Nina Arnold, Intern
Julia Wolf, Associate
Tashi Brauen, Co-Founder